Mars is Entering Cancer

With Mars entering Cancer, we can do a lot of work on our own emotional baggage and leftover hurts from the past.

Mars is the planet that symbolize our agents energy. With it, comes the ability to be assertive, to move forward with our goals and plans, and the strength to defend ourselves when the moment arises.

In your natal chart, the zodiac sign that Mars is in, represents your own personal way of establishing your boundaries. It’s also a symbol for moving toward your goals and tapping into your energetic drive.

We follow the transit of Mars in the sky to see what zodiac sign the planet is currently positioned in, which helps us understand what the best available use of this energy at the moment.

Today, Mars moves into Cancer, the sign of ancestry, family, roots, home, and the emotional level of reality.

This is a really good time to get your house in order by working on home projects, and setting up a clear space that lets you feel at peace. Take moment to look at the patterns and memories you have associated with home. We first learn about how we receive care from our parents. Their initial influence during our formative years is why so many of us end up repeating their behavior through our own actions as we grow.

That connection will come up a lot while working in our own home space. Do you feel like you don’t deserve to ever claim a space as your own? Are you nervous or anxious around housemates or people you live with? The feelings and thought patterns you associate with home are one of the best places to start when tackling the deep seated emotional pain you’ve inherited.

Spend some time between now and July 3rd, when Mars moves into Leo, addressing some of these deeper issues. The work is well worth the reward.

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