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Making Maruchan Soups…Again

Remember when our bodies were like Tupperware? Whatever we did, nothing would really hurt us. Now a days, we look at condiments as a challenge – Tums anyone? Growing up in Mexico, my elementary school had a sort of cafeteria / convenient store where we could order everything from breakfast items to chips and candy. My daily go to (brace yourself) was jamaica water, Pingüinos (Mexico’s version of hostess cakes), Quesabritas chips with lemon and hot sauce, and Maruchan or Cup Noodle soup. Yes, it was a feast and I would finish it all.

The worst part about this was how I prepared my soup. We all had our different way of making it, but mine was this:

1) Squeezed one lemon before pouring the hot water
2) Once the noodles were ready, I would add a little bit of “chamoy” or “Lucas”
3) Prepared my Quesabritas chips with lemon and “Amor” hot sauce – then I would crumble them
4) Once the chips were ready, I would pour them inside the soup
5) Voila! A bomb for breakfast mixed with a diabetes threatI have to say, it might sound gross but it was great. The last time I prepared a soup like that was for my roommate in L.A. eight years ago and she was on board – sorry not sorry?

Before all the crazy cleansing juices and tried veganism came into my life, Cup Noodle soups and Maruchans were a staple for years and years. Did you have a special way of preparing that delicious yet bad for you “delicacy”? Share your recipe. We might make it a LatinX Friday treat. Provecho!

P.S. Seriously, Tums. Don’t be a hero.


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