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Learn How to Make A “Classic” Pisco Sour

Two Pisco Sour drinks

Most of us have our go-to drink when we go out, but there are times when we feel like trying something new. There are many drinks throughout Latin America that we tend to forget about, like Pisco Sours. The first time I had this drink was in Lima, Peru as part of a food tour and I was immediately impressed by its unique flavor.

Pisco is originally made in Peru and Chile. The dual origin has led to variations of the famous Pisco Sour drink. Peruvian Pisco sour adds egg whites, bitters and lime juice while Chilean Pisco Sour excludes these from the recipe.

I personally prefer the Peruvian version — not too sweet, not too strong. And makes a good welcome drink for small gatherings in case you feel like trying something new this summer. In the video below, Employees Only shows us how to make it. Salud!


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