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John Leguizamo Creates A New Comic Superhero

Drawing of new latino superhero PhenomX, in his blue and black costume

John Leguizamo returns to the comic world with PhenomX! The man who brought us Freak is teaming up with La Borinqueña creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez to tell the story of ex-con and father Max Gomez.

PhenomX is ready to fight for justice and the community.
Image: Miranda-Rodriguez

Gomez lives in a world where radiation is creating super-people. He signs up for a government program that will give him powers to fight these new criminals. But nothing comes for free, and Gomez soon has problems coming from all angles. I’ll let John take it from here…

The project is being crowdfunded at Seed and Spark, if you would like to help distribute these stories of an inspiring Latino hero.

Max Gomez discovers his new powers
Image: Miranda-Rodriguez

Check out Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez’ other work. He created Ricanstruction with Sonia Manzano, centering around rebuilding Puerto Rico, and has worked on comics with Darry McDaniels of Run-DMC fame.


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