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John Leguizamo: “Being Latinx is being a Superhero”

PhenomX comic superhero proposal

Are you dreaming up a new comic book with a Latinx superhero? If so, you’re not the only one. Comedian John Leguizamo is forming a super team to bring a new hero to life: PhenomX.

PhenomX, aka Max Gomez, is an ex-convict from the Lower East Side who was wrongfully incarcerated due to racial profiling. Now having served his sentence and given a second chance at life, he’s presented with the opportunity to join a new government trial to fight “failed experiments” that have let loose and created chaos across New York City.

“With this project, we will inspire Latin teens to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles,” Leguizamo writes on his Seed&Spark page. “We will celebrate the contributions of our artists to comics. Let’s create our own superhero together!”

So far, more than $30k have been raised to help Leguizamo assemble his project team, which aims to include all-Latinx members. The budget will cover everything from drawing, coloring, to printing and producing.

“I grew up loving comic books – Spiderman, Superman, Xmen,” Leguizamo says, “but there were no Latin people. I mean, what happened? We existed! Being Latinx is a superpower, yo.”

The comedian further stresses the importance of supporting Latinx artists in today’s world. In a brief statement, he describes the impact he hopes to make by initiating the PhenomX project.

“I hope to use this project to not only inspire the Latin youth community but also celebrate the contributions of Latin artists to the comic book world,” he says. “There is a lack of Latin representation in Hollywood, and it’s important to showcase Latin superheroes. Now, you can help me by supporting this comic book series to inspire Latinx teens. I’ve dedicated my life to telling Latin stories. You and me, let’s do this together. Let’s show Hollywood that our stories matter.”

Vivian Wang

Vivian is a travel enthusiast and food connoisseur living in New York City. Her curiosity and passion for languages and culture has taken her across eight countries over the past year. When not working, you can find her meandering in art museums or sampling food at the street markets.

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