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Is Streetwear Fashion Dying?

People's socks and shoes

Short answer: no.

Designers such as Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones have blazed a path for streetwear into the gilded halls of high fashion. So why aren’t social media influencers promoting the apparel?

A report conducted by i-D Magazine confirmed that while streetwear is on trend to grow, social media influence is declining within the market. “Hip-hop and rap musicians in particular were identified as a main influence, followed by contemporary art and sports, identified by around 40% of respondents respectively as an important influence. Social media influencers dragged way behind, with just 32% of those surveyed identifying them as an influence on their style or what they buy.”

If you want to read more about how streetwear influencers are a dying species, check out i-D’s article here.


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