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Inspiring Person of the Week: Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee

Our Inspiring Person of the Week is Samantha Bee.

She is the host of “Full Frontal,” a comedy show on TBS. Recently, the program featured a viral video that does an excellent job of explaining the root cause of the crisis at the border.

The feature runs about 7 minutes in length and is simply titled “Central America.” It is effective in how it succinctly provides historical context and openly discusses what motivates people to make the perilous journey north.

While there is lots of solid reporting being done on the current crisis, many news platforms simply lack the personnel (read: Central American journos) necessary to deep dive into layered foreign policy matters that have legacy impact on asylum seekers in 2019.

Thank you Samantha, we appreciate you using your platform to validate the experience of our community.


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