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Immersive AI Exhibit Opens in NYC

Artechouse NYC exhibit

New York City now has its first interactive art-tech exhibit, and it looks stunning.

Artechouse opened to the public in September in an underground boiler room located near Chelsea Market on the west side of Manhattan. The space is dedicated to projects that intersect between art and technology, merging two worlds that were once so separate from one another.

Their first and current exhibition features works by Turkish media artist Refik Anadol, which is titled Machine Hallucination. With the help of AI technology, the exhibit immerses audiences into a Matrix-like world with intricately detailed projections moving across the walls.

“This work is a part of a series of other works (where) I am exploring the idea of embedding media arts into architecture by using machine intelligence,” says Anadol in an interview with Business Insider. “This means hopefully spaces will have this cognitive capacity of remembering or dreaming or interacting with us in a way beyond just gimmicky, simple interactive things — in more cognitive, more purposeful and impactful imaginations.”

Anadol used millions of images of New York City, fed them into an algorithm, and relied on AI technology to use the images to create its own world. Cool, right?

Vivian Wang

Vivian is a travel enthusiast and food connoisseur living in New York City. Her curiosity and passion for languages and culture has taken her across eight countries over the past year. When not working, you can find her meandering in art museums or sampling food at the street markets.

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