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How to Achieve Rainbow Hued Hair Without Bleach

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Listen, I want mermaid hair, but I am not about bleach damage.

For as long as I can remember, the process of dyeing dark hair has been the same: fixate on dyeing hair, ask friends if it’s a horrible idea, then negotiate whether the risk is worth the reward. The risk being bleach-damaged, stringy, dead hair for what feels like 30 seconds of fun in the sun. Then, in order to minimize risk of damage, spend forever on the internet reading Yelp reviews about the best hairstylists, overpay this hairstylist while asking them to reassure you there will be no damage. Watch said hairstylist bold-face lie. Then eventually, throw your hands in the air, because #yolo and make peace with chopping it all off when the bleach does its worst.

For those of us with dark locks who covet rainbow hued hair, but have no interest in the damage that comes with it, there is a new crop of bleach-free hair color that’s easy to apply! We repeat, bleach-free! Just in time for you to do the absolute most with your hair this festival season.

Holographic Hair With Color Foam

If you want to channel your inner, space-unicorn this spring. Peep at the tutorial above.

Purple Hair with Spray Color

Want seriously bright color without the long-term commitment? Spray hair colors come in all sorts of candy hues.

Silvery Hair with Wax Color

If you’ve been lusting after frosted-grey or silvery hair color, it is totally possible without bleach!

Rose Gold Hair With Hair Makeup

This tutorial experiments with different colors, but the shimmery rose-gold is pretty enough to tempt you.

Neon Rainbow Hair With Hair Chalk

Get your neon on for EDM raves and wild summer nights out.


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