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Group Travel Etiquette

Four friends laughing on a hillside

Traveling with a group is hard, even when it’s a group of your absolute favorite people in the world. It can be difficult to get two people to be on the same page with making a dinner reservation, let alone ten.

I’ve traveled on many group trips, and my number one tip is making sure the guest list includes the people you can stand to be around 24/7 for days on end. If Claudia is a loose cannon after 2 glasses of wine, she’s probably not someone you should take on a trip to Europe.


Similarly, if Halle feels like she has to bring her toddler everywhere she goes, she should definitely not come. As a parent myself, I would never subject my friends to a vacation with my children unless they really want to wake up at the crack of dawn after a long night of drinking to shouts of “MOM! LEO TOUCHED MY HAIR!”.


There’s still more to consider: Who gets the master bedroom? How do we split the check? Why is Blair being so cheap? All of these awkward conversations should take place before you board the plane for your trip. (BTW Blair works for a non-profit so cut her some slack. She’s trying to save the world).

Check yourself with this list of how to be the worst travel companion of all time.




  1. Seymour Grupes July 24, 2019

    Really? Group Travel is Hard? NO – calculus is hard! If you can’t bear spending time with other people you need to look in the mirror. What’s staring back at you is the problem.

  2. Dee Dub July 31, 2019

    I get it now after a few travel experiences in groups. There’s the person doing it on a budget and orders conservatively, the one that over orders and chooses the priciest items and wants to split the check evenly. The one that compares or seeks the comforts of home every moment you’re on this wonderful opportunity. The one that kills the moment to take 20 retakes for IG. I love my friends at home and only enjoy traveling with a few that take the time to at least do a run down about what is politeness vs insulting in another country.


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