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#Glonuts: Get Your Easter Glow

Glow in the dark donut

As we get ready for Easter (a huge deal in my familia), we start planning something special for the little ones of the house. We buy a nice easter basket before all the good ones sell out, coordinate with the Easter Bunny to visit during the egg hunt, and most importantly, plan the food. Who’s bringing what. How about this year we bring back the “glonuts”?

In 2017, a bakery in Australia become Insta-famous for their glow in the dark donuts. The bakery, Black Star Pantry, introduced their delicacy to the world. People’s curiosity of what made the dessert glow inspired them to figure out the secret ingredient and try the recipe themselves.

The team at Mashable decided to jump on the glownut trend as well. They “cracked the recipe” and give away the secret in the video below. Take a look.

If you’re concerned about ingesting too much B12, there’s no need to worry, the donuts are safe to eat. According to Livestrong, the body will utilize the amount of B12 it needs and any excess will be disposed. Consuming high amounts of B12 can be dangerous only if taken for long periods of time – years. So, as long as you only eat a few donuts this month, you’ll be fine and glowingly happy.


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