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First Trip Together: Pro-Tips For Couples

Traveling young couple with map and hats

You’ve got a new love in your life! Each of your dates and time together is fantastic, so why not plan a vacation? This may sound like a straightforward thing, but we’ve got some things to keep in mind for your first adventure.


Spontaneity is great, but do what you can to plan some things ahead of time. Figure out what the “can’t miss” things are for each person, and when those will happen. You don’t want one of you to be bummed about missing a chance to do something unique. Also, figure out which of those things can be done solo, which can give each of you some needed alone time. Speaking of which…

Plan some downtime for each and both of you. Tell your partner if you want a day to just do nothing, sleep in, or hang at the pool. Talk about solo downtime. Some people need to be alone for a bit in order to recharge themselves and be able to enjoy their partner more. Communicate this ahead of time so no one gets their feelings hurt when the other person wants to be alone.

Morning prep is a big one. You may not have had many mornings together, so discuss how long you each need to get ready, who needs solo time in the bathroom, and if coffee/breakfast is a must.

We also recommend not doing a super long trip for the first vacation together. The last thing you want is to be on day 8 with someone who isn’t easy to travel with.


Discuss transportation. Many cities are way easier to traverse on foot or public transportation. Talk about this so that one person isn’t always calling a Lyft while the other just wants to take the train.

How are you paying for things? Cash? Credit? Who is paying for things? Are you splitting everything or only certain things? Your partner may think you are going to pay for all of the meals, or the hotel, or drinks when you go out. Knowing these things ahead of time will prevent awkwardness and resentment.


Minimizing luggage weight on trips leads to easier and happier times. Figure out who is bringing what so you both aren’t loading up on hair dryers, tablets, toiletries, or sex toys (just being real, batteries are heavy).

Also pack a couple pieces of paper with emergency contacts, allergies, and medical information. You never know when this stuff will be needed. Keep one in a purse/wallet and one in the hotel room.

Friends, both here and there.

Before you leave, ask your friends that you have traveled with what they think of you as a travel buddy. Do you snore? Are you crabby in the morning? Are you a mess when you drink? Do you blow up the bathroom? Use their opinions to your advantage and plan accordingly.

If you are meeting friends on the trip, give your partner a lot of info about them. Relay how you met, what they do for work, their interests, and funny stories that might come up, so they aren’t left in the dark or constantly asking for clarification.

What do you do that makes travel easier? We would love to hear your tips and tricks that improve your vacations. Drop them in the comments below. ¬°Buen viaje!


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