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Solubag From Chile Replaces Plastic Bags!

Globe held inside a plastic bag

Oh mah gaaaaaad! Have plastic bags been made obsolete? The permanent polluters are on the decline, with many cities banning them. But, many more cities have not, and people use them like crazy. Some stats say that 1 TRILLION are used each year! And these take 500 years to decompose!

Roberto Astete and his team at Solubag have created a water soluble version of both plastic and fabric bags. They do not use any plastics or harmful chemicals either. The bags are made of natural gasses and common minerals, like limestone, and dissolve quickly without polluting.

Solubag will prevent tons of plastic pollution!

After hearing this incredible news you might be thinking the following:

“Man, the plastic industry is gonna fight this like crazy!”

Maybe not, because these bags can be made with the same machinery that makes plastic bags. Just change the ingredients and you’re good to go.

“But we already have reusable bags!”

Yes, but those often contain plastics and none of them are biodegradable in a reasonable amount of time. These dissolve almost immediately and don’t pollute. This tech can also be modified in the future to create food containers, utensils, garbage bags, and more.

Right now they are launching in Chile, and hope to quickly spread to other areas of the planet. Ideally we could get away from single-use bags altogether, but this is a great change in the right direction.

What do you think of this tech? What is eco-tech are you excited about? Let us know!


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