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Bring On The Drones!

large camera drone flying over a hilly forest at sunset

Humans are replanting trees and forests at a crazy rate in 2019. Ethiopia planted 350 million in one day! The Reforestation trend is helping heal the lungs of the planet.

Now drones have become a great tool plant “tree bombs” quickly, and in spots that people can’t quite reach.

Drones have been used in all kinds of different ways, such as cinema, artwork, search and rescue, and of course, war. This new constructive use is helping in the fights against deforestation and climate change. Multiple countries are using them. Biocarbon Engineering is has launched their propellered planters in Australia, Myanmar, and more.

First, an area is mapped by drones. Information on the terrain and also what kind of plants are already there, give people an idea of what . plants will be good to launch into the area. The drones are loaded with seed bombs or saplings, and away they go.

Next week on #EcoTuesday we will take a deeper dive into the massive reforestation efforts going on across the world. It’s mind blowing what is going on out there right now. Stay tuned! Before you go, check out how @MrBeast is going to use drones to help plant 20 MILLION trees!


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