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Eat Your Burn: Food Tips For Burning Man

Baba Yaga House at Burning Man 2018

This ain’t your normal Burning Man prep list. Today, we talk about food! Lots of people think you need to eat canned soup and grilled cheese all week. Heeeeellllll no! You can bring all kinds of yummy and easy things and keep yourself fed and happy. I got some help from 20 year veteran, Door Prize, to bring you some ideas to get you away from can openers and closer to food nirvana.

What’s the first step?

First, line your cooler. This was one of my biggest game changers. Get some Reflectix, cut it to shape, and stick it to the inside of your cooler. Food will stay colder, longer, and you won’t be worried so much about ice every single morning. Coupled with the next item, I only had to think about ice every other day.

Patrick Davis/Pinterest

Freeze Tupperware containers of fresh squeezed juice before you hit the road. With your lined cooler, these can stay cold all week long. Icy watermelon juice on Thursday will be amazing, and can mix well with vodka or rum! Surprise your friends with a cold tasty treat, that also helps keep the rest of your food cold.

When you are on playa, put ice cubes into Ziploc bags instead of dropping them right into the cooler. You can fit them in between your food and avoid a big wet mess. When it melts, just dump it into your Camelbak for icy cold road water, later.

OK, I’m hungry, get to the food!

Ok, time for actual food. Indian packets from Trader Joe’s are your friend. These are good hot or room temp. Grab a spoon and take a packet as road food when you are checking out art. No bowl needed.

These are mine and will be eaten shortly

Beet Burgers. All credit for these go to Door Prize. I watched him heat one of these up and bring our friend, Flouncy, back from the dead. Whip these up before you hit BRC and heat them when you want. It’s packed with flavor and vitamins.

PS. Don’t forget your buns.

Homemade stews or chilis go a loooong way. Make them before you head out and store in a couple of Ziplocs. Freeze one for later in the week if you want. These make great dinners but the chili is also a good breakfast with some fired up tortillas.

Alright dude, what about snacks?

Curry Rice Krispie treats are another contribution from Door Prize. These come together in minutes (make them before you leave) and are a delicious spin on the classic sweet treat. Take a pan out to Esplanade and watch people’s faces light up. For a 9×3 pan, just make the typical recipe and add 3 (or more) tbsp of madras curry powder, and 1/2 cup of salted sunflower seeds. Done.


Mozzarella cheese from Costco, and I mean this particular package (see image below). These are delicious on a hot afternoon, thanks to their moisture content. A nice cold, soft piece of clean tasting cheese. Mmm.


Fruit, yo! People think it’s tough to keep fruit out there, but it’s not. Grapes actually do really well if you keep them in your cooler. Apples are easy, totable snacks, and bananas are great sources of energy. Buy some ripe and some green.

That all sounds great, am I ready now?

Don’t be afraid to bring a blender, as long as you have a generator. Combine fruit and yogurt for breakfast smoothies to recharge the squad. Blended iced coffee drinks are super easy to put together as well.

If there’s one thing I’ve been taught by the legend Door Prize, it’s that if you think it up, and plan appropriately, you can do any meal out there. I’ve seen him make double fried Korean wings on site, and heard stories of 7 course meals, fresh pizza, and even sushi. Planning is the key, and you can do anything. Buen provecho!

Do you have favorite foods you like to bring to Black Rock City? Drop ’em in the comments below!


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