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Dorm Life: Eat Better With These Quick and Healthy Recipes

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Living in a college dorm can be an amazing life experience. From the parties to newfound independence you almost feel invincible. However, one of the major challenges across campuses nationwide is how our bodies adjust to a new schedule, and change of environment. In other words, the main culprit to an increase in weight during that first year is stress. It used to be that people believed in the “Freshman 15”, but studies shave shown that it’s largely a myth.

That doesn’t mean that we’re off the hook. Weight gain can still occur. In order to make sure you’re living your best balanced life, we recommend this easy to do solution from Tasty, which offers six super simple and healthy recipes you can cook in the microwave and not worry about losing precious time.

Because when you’re a first generation college student repping hard on behalf of your familia with a a drive to succeed, time, is of utmost importance. #Provechito.


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