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Do Less, Accomplish More: The Art of Letting Go

Yung Pueblo

Are you stressed this Monday? Here’s some inspiration to help you relax and keep you going throughout the week from @yung_pueblo.

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Stress and anxiety are the children of attachment, they are both a form of craving that take us away from the present and into areas of imagination that steal away our peace. Heaviness comes from hanging on tightly to emotions that were always meant to be ephemeral. We want things to last forever or we turn difficult moments into long lasting pain simply because we have not learned to let go. We have not learned that the beauty of living comes from the movement of change. Letting go does not mean that we forget and it does not mean that we give up, it just means that we are not letting our present happiness be determined by things that happened in the past or by things we wish to happen in the future. The accomplishment of all great things in life take effort, especially when it comes to changing and healing ourselves. No one said it was going to be easy, if it was easy it would have been done already, but it will be absolutely worth it and the reward will be greater than the difficulty it took to get there. Letting go takes training and dedication. Find a practice that brings you noticeable results and use it consistently. When things get tough remember that we are not building something small, we are building a palace of peace within our own hearts and it takes determination to complete something of such beauty and magnitude. Sending love to all beings. May we all be happy and free. My first book, Inward, is on sale via the link in my profile and available in bookstores. ??? #yungpueblo

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