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Dishes that make our Christmas complete – Yum!

Christmas dinner is one of the last, and greatest, meals we have with our families before the year ends. What will be at your table this Christmas? #WelcomeBackGluten #HiCarbs #NoDietsOnChristmas

Holiday season brings the best in us – and our kitchens. From picking our favorite dishes to deciding who’s cooking what, there’s always the excitement of having the best meal of the year. Yes, food is that important to us.

We’re less than a week away from Christmas and to get us ready for THE dinner, we’ve put together a list of these must have dishes. Let’s face it, if we don’t include most of these in the menu, it won’t feel like Christmas.


Stuffed Turkey (Pavo Relleno): Want more ideas for the stuffing? We got you – click here.
Pozole – Green or Red: They’re both great. The big question is, do you eat it with bread or tostadas?
Tamales or Hallacas: Mole, beef, chicken in red or green salsa, corn with chile peppers and cheese? So many options!
Pierna / Lechon: Do you go for a stuffed lechon recipe or a pierna in adobo?
Green poblano peppers and cheese pasta: This wasn’t an original Christmas recipe but lately it has become a great addition. Spicy poblano pasta? Yes please!
Romeritos: Some say romeritos are the cranberry sauce of Thanksgiving, not a favorite if they’re not prepared properly. If this year’s recipe is right, you’ll be going for seconds.
Empanadas: Can’t even list all the options. Empanadas are the greatest addition in case you can’t decide between ham, cheese, stews, sweets?
Sancocho: This can be a great “make me feel better, please!” soup. It’s delicious and has special healing powers 😉 (fine, it’s just good…)



Flan: Not Monica’s recipe – your mom’s recipe.
Camotes enmielados: Glazed sweet potatoes
Arroz con lecheThis a staff favorite. The question is, do you add the orange peel or do you just go with cinnamon stick? Decision, decisions…
Buñuelos there are different kinds and shapes or buñuelos. At the end of the day, it’s all about texture.



Calientito: Having a calientito as soon as you get to your family’s house, will make the cold and last minute shopping craze trauma go away – it’s happiness in a mug.
Chocolate Abuelita: Ok, this is a tricky one. If you make it, you might end up stealing a piece of the round chocolate bar and make that your dessert.
Champurrado: If you are lucky enough to have champurrado this Christmas, save us some. This drink is normally made just around the holidays. It’s a bit of work, but it is so worth it.
Coquito – Want to order this instead? Check out Brooklyn Coquito!

See your favorite in this list? How about that one dish you’ve been trying to add but your mom or your siblings won’t let you? In our case, it’s cheesecake – plain, delicious, creamy NY style cheesecake please. Oh, and feel free to throw in some cupcakes or cronuts…



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