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Denver: This Cannabis Church is Lit.

Poster of International Church of Cannabis

For the past five years, cannabis has been legal in the state of Colorado and shortly after its legalization, other states decided to follow suit. But there’s another movement in Colorado that seems to be getting attention lately – the International Church of Cannabis. Will others join in on this too? Check it out.

Just a regular looking old church in downtown Denver…

Until you go in…

What religion is practiced at this church? Elevationism. The idea is to allow and support church members, Elevationists, through their spiritual journey in the search of self-discovery by the sacrament of cannabis.

Do Elevationists believe in God? No, they believe in a Universal Creative Force which can mean different things to different people.

Who can attend? Everyone is welcomed as long as they follow the golden rule ‘to treat others as you wish to be treated.’ No need to convert to Elevationism. Do note, the sacrament is not sold at church. It’s a BYOC deal and you can only smoke during service if you’re a member.

In a nutshell, the cannabis church is a place where people can gather to smoke weed in peace while trying to find meaning and/or achieve a better version of themselves. You can practice yoga, listen to live bands and volunteer in programs to help the community.

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