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If you’ve ever said you would own a nice designer bag by the age of “X” or added to your vision board that one day you would have a vintage Chanel or Dior anything, you might be closer to your goal than you think.

The luxury marketplace, Designer Vintage (DV), is the perfect opportunity to find luxury brands at a not so “leave me without rent money” kind of price. You can buy or sell designer clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags, especially bags. The only requirement and/or guarantee is no fakes are allowed on the site.

In a way, the platform is very much like Poshmark but without the online shopping option and open bidding. On DV, you can negotiate price but it’s not as encouraged as it is on other sites.

Do note, payment is coordinated directly with the buyer or seller through either PayPal or bank transfers. Although, if paying for high priced items makes you nervous, there is the option of “Secure Transfer Service.” This option allows you to send the money directly to the DV office and once they receive your purchase and make sure everything looks good and legit, they will send you your new vintage bag and the seller their money.

Even if you’re not ready to make a purchase just yet, you can visit the site for fashion tips, #OOTW ideas and get inspired by their community initiative of #BuyOnePieceSellOnePiece as part of their #EcoChicRecycling vision. It’s a great idea that can even be implemented offline.

Photo courtesy of Designer Vintage

Browse through their boutiques and start planning your first designer vintage purchase. There will be some great finds. Have fun!


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