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Can French Fries Be An Entree?

Person eating french fries

I went through a dark, and yet also light, period where I ate french fries 5 times a week. They made me so happy. I would dip them in mayo (very Dutch of me, I know) and mustard (very weird of me, I know).

I never wanted to share my fries and because of my gluttonous habit, I tired of the dish that I loved so much. It wasn’t special anymore and I had to move on to eating sides of pizza with sides of …salad. #dontjudgeme

With National French Fry day coming up (hint hint: it’s this Saturday, July 13th), I’ve been fantasizing about a better world where french fries can be entrees. In this London-based restaurant, they are!

How do you eat your fries? Share your dips and dustings in the comments below!

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