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British People Rate Our Beloved Mexican Candy

A woman and a man sitting with a box of Mexican candy

Mexican food is often stereotyped as “spicy”. But there is so much more to this extensive cuisine. It’s sophisticated and bursting with flavors, utilizing a complex template of oft overlooked ingredients.

A woman and a man sitting with a box of Mexican candy
Photo courtesy of InTheKitchenWithKate / YouTube

In this video, Kate and Alex from In the Kitchen with Kate review a box filled with Mexican candy. Overall, the U.K. natives were pleasantly surprised, but they were somewhat turned off by some of the spicy treats we all grew up with and love.

Making sure to not be dismissive, they noted that our differing palates had much to do with our geography and cultural exposure. Emphasizing that neither one was better or worse.

As the duo goes through the box of candy, they rate our little treasures from 0 to 10. One got a “0”. Find of which was a British bomb and see if you agree with their ratings.


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