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Border X Brewing: Horchata beer anyone?

Border X Brewing is a San Diego based brewery and taproom located in Barrio Logan. Known for its unique Mexico inspired flavors, it’s making a name for itself in Southern California so we decided to check it out ourselves.

Barrio Logan is still a residential area, so it’s safe to say Border X is a hidden treasure. A fellow Border X customer told us he likes that not a lot of people know about Border X – “I don’t even post when I’m here. I don’t want anybody to know.”

Unlike the standard tasting room with a stand alone bar, the idea for Border X was to create a place where people actually want to hang out. As soon as you walk in, you can tell the people are there to relax, no agenda. The music is part of the ambiance, you feel like you are at a house party listening to your friend’s Spotify playlist. During our visit, people complemented the bartenders on the music selection and just like that, they were sharing playlists.

The staff is very welcoming; they know exactly what to offer. You can see how invested they are. The unique flavors take their customers back to their Mexico roots so I’m sure the conversations of “What do think”, “Do you taste the cinnamon?” or “What other flavors are coming out” contribute to the approachable, laid back environment of the place.

And yes, you read that correctly – cinnamon in beer. Their top three sellers are Blood Saison made with Jamaica and agave, Horchata Golden Stout made with vanilla beans and whole cinnamon sticks and last but not least Pepino Sour made with cucumber and key lime. All great flavors. When you take the first sip, you don’t know what to expect, but the flavors are easily distinguished without being too overpowering. Curious about the rest of their flavors? Click here for their live menu.

Before they used to work with other breweries to complete their menu, but now the menu is predominately Border X with the exception of their wine selection. Staying true to their Mexico roots, they offer LA Cetto wine from Baja California. Great way to showcase Mexico talent and support their community.

The art throughout the place is Mexico inspired with unique drawings on the wall of legends like Cantinflas and Selena to promoting to legalize eloteros (great initiative, we all need them).

In the far end of the building, they host events like Loteria night, DJ sets, live performances and any other cool ideas they come up with like cupcake/craft beer pairing events? The idea is to keep customers entertained but not in a cruise entertainment crew sort of way. You know that awkward feeling when they’re trying to get you to dance and you just sit there and smile? Yeah, not like that. You can hang out in the bar area and participate or outside in the beer garden.

So what goes with Mexican craft beer? Tacos.

As soon as you walk outside Border X you’re welcomed by Tury’s Tacos. You can have a beer, snack on a few tacos or just hang out and play jenga or cornhole with your friends. The greatest thing about Tury’s Tacos being outside, is the smell of food doesn’t take over the bar inside. Walking outside does make you feel like you are in a different place. We’re sure you’ll like it.

Like most breweries and tasting rooms, there’s always merchandise with big logos and some catchy phrase. At Border X, they have a kick ass logo. The merchandise is limited but it definitely seems like there will be more stuff in the works. We vote for a Tury’s Tacos inspired shirt; tacos + beer are the essence of our being. Too much?

If you like the idea of Border X but you’re not in the San Diego area, don’t worry, they’re expanding their locations to L.A., in the Bell area. They’re bringing artisans to help decorate the L.A. location, like Gennaro Garcia, Mexican artist and sculptor based in Phoenix with a unique way of bringing the Mexican feel and style to businesses. Let’s just say it will look bomb. To help boost this project, they’ve opened it to crowdfunding. Their customers seem to be pretty connected with the brewery, so inviting them to be investors of their favorite spot might pay off. See them grow, support your roots. One day a Border X taproom might pop up in your neighborhood.

In the meantime, Barrio Logan Border X Brewing is a great place to go relax, have a beer and Uber/Lyft back. It seems Barrio Logan is becoming a destination now regardless if it’s still a residential neighborhood. People are making the trip to visit this part of town for great food, beer and for the newly discovered art scene.

Next time you are out and about in San Diego, stop by and taste a little bit of Mexico in your beer. Try the craft flavors and pair it with some staple tacos. Kick it, like it, drink it.

Border X Brewing
2181 Logan Ave
San Diego, CA.






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