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Being An “Organic” Entrepreneur with Massy Arias

Massy Arias carrying her baby on her shoulders.

Earlier this year, Massy Arias spoke at the #BlogHer Health conference, where she inspired the attendees with her powerful story, and by making a special call for authenticity. In this 24 minute interview, she touches on various topics that will keep you nodding along and feeling refreshingly understood.

Massy Arias and Tai Beauchamp at #BlogHer Health interview.
Image: YouTube screengrab #BlogHer

Here are some of our key takeaways.

  • She worked with what she had. She built her business, her network brick by brick, so don’t be discouraged future entrepreneurs . Good things take time and lots of work.
  • “Everything you see, when I opened this blog on Instagram, it was an organic approach to everything. I was just showing my journey.” Her realness and vulnerability reminds us how important it is for people to feel connected, to have a community of support and understanding. This is why she was embraced by others.
  • “When you’re poor, when you don’t have any money to pay for a gym or a personal trainer. I had to learn things on my own.” If you’re passionate about something, money doesn’t have to be an obstacle.
  • “Everything you see is organic. I handle EVERYTHING.” Her small team as well as her on-hands approach of her Instagram account and wellness programs keeps her grounded and refreshingly real.
  • Some tips that have contributed to her success? Start by keeping your integrity intact, create a sisterhood to help each other out, and learn from your failures.
  • In a time where socialism keeps being brought up, Massy goes with conscious capitalism. “Conscious capitalists: We don’t have to hurt others in order to benefit from what we’re doing,” Massy.
  • So what’s next for Massy? As part of her vision to expand her business, she’ll introduce PDFs for her workout plans, create an app and most importantly, plans on writing a book about her life story. Is it too early to preorder our copy?

You can watch the full interview below. Remember, stay authentic.


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