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Basic Brown Nerds are Back!

Joy Valerie posing inside tires

“Welcome back to Basic Brown nerds” is what you’ll be hearing this week. The Basic brown nerds podcast is back with a new season, but who are they, even? You might have seen #memetherapy gracing your instagram feed but don’t let the savvy social media fool you. BBN’s are much more than memes and witty graphics. They are a movement.

So, let’s break it down. What does Basic Brown Nerds stand for? Don’t worry. We gotchu. The podcast founder, host, and regular LatinX contributor, Joy Valerie, will give you all the deets, and how you can become a part of BBN.

Basic Brown Nerds was the brainchild of longtime friends Joy Valerie and Grecia who conceived the idea one day over brunch. After losing touch after high schoool, they reconnected via the interwebs and found themselves in living post college doing “adulthood” back in Rockland County, New York. Rockland, being very much a suburban area lacking in diversity, they were drawn to each other like magnets and would regularly meet up for brunch. Quickly, their conversations began to include discussions of identity, Latinidad, and how their families would critique their dating lives. Side-eyes from white patrons would soon follow.

At the time there were very few Latinx podcasts, and almost all of what was available were west-cast based. A quick search revealed limited options. One standout was Latinos Who Lunch. Within that LWL platform, there was a growing online audience that had community support, but even so, we couldn’t always relate being that we were New Yorkers.

That was all the motivation needed. Joy Valerie, using her know-how as a digital operations expert in online media publishing, along with Grecia’s insight as a writer/poet and creative editor decided to join efforts to start their very own podcast. What began with just their laptops, and a bit of googling in 2017 became 14 episodes and a completed season by end of 2018. Since then, it has grown to over 30,000 subscribers and 19,000 followers on instagram. No pos guau.

Basic Brown Nerds teamed up with Latinx Project and Techqueria to host a meet and greet with John Leguizamo at Latin History for Morons

Basic Brown Nerds is meant to be a place for those who have always felt tokenized. Those brown nerds that felt like they weren’t enough within their own circles, and felt the pressure to be perfect. The podcast and social media platform focuses on honest conversations about what it means to be navigating multiple worlds, while trying to crush it in our industries, and sometimes just being a little basic. It’s about getting to put oure guards down, and as show guest Danyeli, from AfroDominicanxThings, said: “get to walk with the freedom of an un-oppressed white man.”

Season Two has officially launched, and while Grecia focuses on her beautiful poetry and building the Latinx Writers Collective, the love is still real. Joy Valerie will return as host, and also set her sights on building her media technology consulting and production firm. The team has even expanded to include a social media and brand manager Douglas, as well as a producer and editor, Daniela.

Brand and Perfomance manager @_douglasmichael with @joyvalerie recording their episode at @anchor.fm HQ

The episodes are still bi-weekly and showcasing friends of Joy Valerie that just so happen to be entrepreneurs, social media influencers, artists, and amazing people the world needs to know about. They’re currently in the middle of wrapping up production of season two with seven episodes so far and aiming for thirteen this season.

Joy Valerie is curious about human behavior and technology and this season’s conversations are taking a deep dive. She’s talking to psychotherapist Veronica bridging ancestral roots and science; Victoria who is creating spaces in the outdoors for Latinas; and poet Freddy, who explores the relationship to his homeland while in diaspora. There will also be a special talk with media mogul Delilah Dee, who is trying to create a more positive spaces for Latinx entrepreneurs, who went from teaching to building multi-million dollar companies, while having to navigate what it means to be Latinx, Central American and queer.

The ultimate goal is to leverage the power of connectivity in the digital age to spark conversations, create spaces, and motivate us all to be our best basic selves while embracing being fully brown. So get our nerd on. Joy continues to build Basic Brown Nerds as part of her adtech company exclusively partnering with Latinx and social impact brands to monetize – ensuring that this is made for and by our communities starting with brands like Sololi Shop, Shop Latinx, and Build with Joy.

Basic Brown Nerds will also be hosting events throughout the year in New York. All funds raised will go toward building a platform that unites people and brings all the nerds to the yard. Keep up with them on instagram and Twitter, and check out their swag on the website basicbrownnerds.com

Basic Brown Nerds meet up with fellow guests and community members at the Latinx in Tech Summit

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/basicbrownnerds

Podcast : Anchor.fm/basicbrownnerds

Website : basicbrownnerds.com

Joy Valerie

Joy Valerie Carrera is a contributor to LatinX.com. She is a digital operations strategist, the host of Basic Brown Nerds podcast, and has been to 26 countries so far. As a lover of all things tech, travel, and social impact business - she aims to leverage technology to empower our communities. You can follow her journey on Instagram

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