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Ashley Tisdale’s New Album Promotes Mental Health Awareness

Ashley Tisdale in pink hair and make up

We all know Ashley Tisdale from her iconic role in High School Musical as Sharpay Evans, but few of us knew who she is, as a person. Now in her thirties, she’s way more than that and her latest album, Symptoms, is a great window into who Tisdale is, as a human.

Each track describes one of the symptoms she experiences in her struggle with anxiety and depression and, to be honest, that is the real reason why I decided to check out this record. I, myself, struggle with this and it’s been hard AF to find songs that really describe what I feel.

This 9 track album is a perfect reminder that we are not our mental illnesses, but they are a part of us. We have to embrace them, tackle them and move past them. We have to learn to live with them to be genuinely happy. Ashley, thank you for making us feel less alone! Musically, the album is like a darker Carly Rae Jepsen, but still in that bubblegum pop realm, which I love, obviously.

Here are some of my favorites:

In the era of social media, Looking Glass is the perfect tongue in cheek song that calls out how social media allows everyone to make their life appear perfect, even though never see the real person. There’s more to her than what meets the eye. My favorite lyric from this one is “Things are not what they seem, only what they appear / you might think you know me but you have no idea.”

With Love Me & Let Me Go, Tisdale confronts her anxiety head on, and demands it set her free. Both the production and the lyrics showcase perfectly the desperate feeling of trying to overcome your anxiety while you’re in the midst of an attack. It’s a sensation anyone who battles this regularly can relate to.

Under Pressure is the perfect pick me up song. The song describes what it it feels like to take a beating from life, but finding the strength to move past it. The track supports this both lyrically but sonically. The production evokes an encouraging vibe that makes you feel like you’re “done with the stressors and that you gotta live your life.”

The lead single of the LP, Voice in my Head encapsulates in a very simple way, what it is to live with anxiety. The real gag of the song comes in the second half of the chorus where the soundscape takes a turn by shifting the conversation straight at the voices in her head. It’s all about finding the courage to pull through. You’ve got this!

The album closes gorgeously with the beautiful track, Feeling So Good. I can just picture myself singing by the pool with my friends at 1 pm holding a mimosa in my hand feeling incredibly good. Finally happy, and comfortable embracing every aspect of myself.

Check out Symptoms here and let us know what’s your favorite track!


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