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Artist Profile: Daniel Anguilu, Street Artist

Closeup of spraypaint can nozzle with buildings in the background

Daniel Anguilu moved from Mexico to the US at age 14. After painting illegally for years, he now “paints with permission.”

Hundreds of murals in Houston and around the world were birthed from his creative mind, and he still keeps his day job as a train operator. Houston’s ABC13 created this great profile piece on Daniel, giving us some insight into how these two parts of his world relate to each other.

For a deeper dive into how Daniel’s cultural heritage, and environment influence his art, check out this talk he gave at CreativeMorning HQ.

In “Water,” David tells us about the moment that changed his perception of how his wanted to represented in his artwork, and how the element that gives us life, also breathes life into his creations.


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