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All Up In Ya Grill!

Around 10 fish on a grill, in various stages of cooking.

Memorial Day is not just a day for BBQs. It’s the official day for taking some time to think about soldiers, pilots, gunners, medics, and other members of the military who have died while serving. No matter what you get into on Monday, take a moment or 10 for them.

Now you may be having a get-together, or cooking for one — either way we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks for best over the grill recipes below, and prepare to whip up delicious Tacos de Nopales, Elote, Bebida de Saril, and my personal favorite, Pan de Yuca.

Get cracking on these and show your friends what you can do on the grill.

Pan de Yuca are bite-sized balls of deliciousness. Ya like cheese? Ya like bread? Make this. This recipe is simple and is a great one for the kids to get involved in too. Laylita.com shows us how to quickly whip these out. 

Next, Mexcook’s Chloe Raygoza teaches us how to make Tacos de Nopales Asado y Elote a la Mexicana. Nopales are delicious, good for you and add clean flavor and new texture to tacos. 

Fish fans, we got you too. Felicitas Pizarro gives us the rundown on stuffing and grilling a whole trout. You can do this with a variety of fish. Bang out a few and impress the peeps. I know we have some fishermen out there, so shout out in the comments if you caught it yourself!

Round out the meal with a pitcher of Bebida de Saril. Also known as Aqua de Jamaica, or Hibiscus tea, this drink is yummy and good for you, bringing a number of health benefits when you have it on the regs. Foodie Market Panama has their own tasty version.


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