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AJ+’s Yara Learns About Native American Cuisine

Yara Elmjouie

AJ Plus reporter, Yara Elmjouie, goes on an adventure to interview Native American chef, Louis Ellen Frank, among others, and learns that Indigenous cuisine is more than just what you see during Thanksgiving. In fact, there are over 600,000 restaurants nationwide serving Native food.

From fry bread tacos to Tocabe, there is so much more to these dynamic cultural delicacies. With over 570 tribes all across North America, diversity abounds, and recipes have been passed down from generation after generation. Even still, many young Native chefs are looking to bring their fresh take to traditional plates.

Check out the video and learn about Native American history, and why it’s as important to treat the original people of this land with dignity and respect. Their story is one of resilience and inspiration. Through their food, they are sharing sacred knowledge and inviting us to learn more about living in harmony with the land.

Have you ever tried any of these dishes? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Linda Sue Suits May 21, 2019

    Are any cookbooks available? If so, I’d like to purchase one.


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