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A Mini Fridge For Your Skincare Products, Yasss!

Pink mini fridge filled with skincare products

By now you’ve probably seen the hashtag #minifridge and #minifridgeshelfie on Instagram. Although, there appears to be no scientific proof that says keeping all of your skincare products in the fridge is the way to go, there are many people embracing the trend. How can you not though? They’re pretty freaking cute and to be fair, there are some creams and acne medications that do need to be refrigerated.

Through a quick search, we found a few of these mini fridges. The designs are cool, prices are reasonable ranging from $39.99 to $150, and some are even equipped with speakers!? Ok, we’re digging it. But what exactly do people store in there?

Vlogger Amy Serrano shared a quick tour of her mini fridge, and I have to say, her reasons for keeping her skincare musts in a cool place makes total sense. What do you think?


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