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10 Top-Rated Amazon Gifts For 2019

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Christmas is nearly here and soon we’ll all be running around, in search of the perfect gifts for those special peeps in our lives (and ourselves, let’s be real). For those of us who prefer to shop in sweatpants from the comfort of our own homes and have our goods delivered to our doorsteps the next day, Amazon is the way to go.

Why spend days on end running around town to 100 different stores, dealing with things like traffic, long lines, and being assaulted with Mariah Carey’s voice every time you turn the radio on, when you can get everything done in one quick click?

We’ve gone ahead and gathered a list of 10 top-rated gifts available on Amazon for the 2019 holiday season. Check it out (you may even find some goodies for yourself – like I did while writing this post.)

1. Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder

For the nail polish lover, we present to you a WEARABLE nail polish holder ring. Long gone are are the days of having to constantly (and carefully) pick up your bottle and dip your brush for a fresh coat. Slip this bad boy on and have all your painting dreams come true.

2. Magnetic Wristband, Kusonkey Tool Belt with 15 Powerful Magnets for Holding Screws/Nails/Drill Bits

For the tool maniac, we present to you this genius magnetic nail and bit holder by Kusonkey! There is nothing more frustrating than standing on a ladder and digging through your tool belt to find the right screw or drill bit. Now you never have to experience that again with this magnetic tool holder that puts all your nails and screws at your fingertips.

3. Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker


No your eyes are not deceiving you, this is indeed an INDOOR S’MORE MAKER. Why freeze your butt off outside when you can enjoy the deliciousness of a campfire S’more right from the comfort of your living room? This puppy is the perfect edition to take any sleep over, date night in, or next level dinner party. The best part? It’s under $20.

4. Sushi Box Sox

Everybody loves sushi and hates cold feet, so why not kill two birds with one stone with these cozy sushi sox! These 80% cotton fishy feet covers will be sure to keep your toes and feet nice and cozy all winter long. Each box comes with two pairs of sox – one salmon and one cucumber maki. Did we mention how freakin cute the packaging is? It’s like a real little sushi lunch box, only it’s sox. (SO COOL RIGHT?)

5. 12 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid

Do you enjoy drinking? Do you enjoy drinking on the go? Do you enjoy not spilling your drink while you’re drinking on the go? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions – DO WE HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU. Introducing the stainless steel tumbler! Tumblers have all the rage in recent years because not only do they keep your drink at the desired temperature, they have tight lid to avoid any spillage and mishaps. They come in 18 fabulous colors and are the perfect gift for virtually anyone.

6. Motion Activated Toilet Night

Tired of pissing all over the toilet seat? Scared of pooping in the dark? Well the toilet night light is the gift for you. This motion activated night light will illuminate for you as soon as you’re ready to go. With 8 soothing colors to choose from, you’ll have no reason to use the bathroom with the lights on ever again. The lights are operated by 3 AAA batteries and will always be there to guide you in all your nighttime bathroom journeys.

7. Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Headphones constantly falling out of place during runs out in the cold? Another two birds one stone situation for ya – we present to you a wireless bluetooth beanie cap! It’s the perfect gift to make sure your ears are always warm and your music is always flowing as you enjoy any outdoor activity. The speakers are removable to ensure easy wash.

8. 4 in 1 Charging Station

Looking for a one stop shop for all of your gadget charing needs? This 4 in 1 charging station is the way to go. With ports available for your iphone, apple pencil, apple airpods and apple watch, there is not reason to not fuel these bad boys up in one place. Stop tangling 100 chords and add this to your shopping cart today.

9. Mind-glowing 3D Moon Lamp

Full Disclosure – As I was writing this post I came across this light and I IMMEDIATELY purchased it for myself. What is more relaxing than the calm and soft light of a full moon? The answer? Nothing. It’s time to bring that magic to your bedroom, office, or wherever the hell you want with this magical moon light. With 4 different sized and a changeable array of colors, this is easily one of the coolest gifts of 2019.
$16.95 – $41.95

10. Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser

Is that daily cold brew finally beginning to take a toll on your bank account? Stop spending and start making it at home with this RJ3 Cold Brew Maker. Not only does cold brewing make coffee less acidic and smoother in taste, it also provides you with a purer, healthier coffee concentrate. The RJ3 also doubles as a tea brewer for the tea freak in us all.


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