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10 Latinx Shops for your Coachella Needs

Coachella is around the corner and you’re probably super excited to immerse yourself in a weekend of music, art, and to be honest get all the basic bish pictures – I know I am! What better way to counterbalance your basic bishness than by supporting Latinx owned businesses and artists for your swag this festival season!

The best way to do it is through our DOLLA BILLS. So lucky for you, I have gathered up some of my favorite Latinx shops to be my most EXTRA beautiful self at Coachella – all while empowering our community.

Below is a list of must-haves to complete your look this festival season (for more latinx shops check out our past holiday lists)

1. Celebrate your beautiful curls with headwraps from Embrace Crowns.

Embrace Crowns is an Afrolatina owned shop creating unique handmade headpieces that will make you feel beautiful, empowered, & united con tus hermanas! Created with love for people of all shades, sizes, and proudly made in Puerto Rico.

2. Colorful headbands and beaded necklaces from Sololi

Sololi features handmade headbands, cross body purses, eco-friendly totes, and beautiful handmade jewelry. Products are ethically sourced and co-created with artisan partners in Latin America. Sololi aims to empower consumers and artisans by ensuring that every product is directly sourced.

3. Rock your culture with Custom hand-painted Earrings from Art By SIR

Art By SIR is an online boutique of handmade creations by fine artist Shawnick I Rodriguez. SIR features hand-painted original art earrings, fashion accessories, and home decor. The artist’s inspiration comes from SIR’s everyday life and Boricua pride.

4. Unleash your inner Diosa with jewelry from Luni

Luni™ is a contemporary jewelry company created and handcrafted by its founder Lorenia Henriquez. She takes inspiration from her experience in fashion and cultural anthropology to design jewelry that brings out your unique essence and expression.

5. Keep all your belongings safe with Utz Threads

Utz Threads is a textile brand that partners with Maya Quiché weavers. They bridge the connection to the ancestral weaving practices and create a space for women to tell their own empowering stories.

6. Vibra Eco for your hydration & foodie needs to minimize plastic use! Spread the Vibra.

Vibra Eco has reusable trendy solutions for modern day eco-warriors making our everyday decisions simple for consumers. They are committed to providing sustainable and contemporary alternatives to single-use plastic.

7. Adorn yourself with bracelets from La New Yorkilla

La New Yorkilla has uniquely handmade pieces made with dedication, love and beautifully crafted in Mexico. Each piece supports talented artisans and provides a fair standard of living to their families.

8. Unleash your most divine self with Las Ofrendas

“Las Ofrendas” are spirit-infused, hand-crafted, wearable art pieces to adorn your mind, body, and soul! The shop consists of artistic ofrendas by the artist Tk Tunches. They are Texas-based and also part of Frida Friday’s in Austin, Texas!

9. Beat the heat with hats from The Colombian Marketplace

The Colombian Marketplace is introducing beautiful, high-end, Colombian-inspired fashion to the United States. The Colombian Marketplace highlights boutique brands, emerging designers, and many unique, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, and artisanal fashions.

10. Stand out with your Pom Pom Jewelry from Babe Comets

Babe Comets is an Afrolatinx Brooklyn based jewelry shop. It is also community that boasts of self-love, communal appreciation, and boundless affirmations. The babes embody confidence, boldness, and unadulterated fun as they strut into their goals.

These are just some of the many amazing Latinx owned shops for any and all of your needs. You can find more on the ShopLatinx database and remember it’s a lifestyle #ShopLatinx .

Joy Valerie

Joy Valerie Carrera is a contributor to LatinX.com. She is a digital operations strategist, the host of Basic Brown Nerds podcast, and has been to 26 countries so far. As a lover of all things tech, travel, and social impact business - she aims to leverage technology to empower our communities. You can follow her journey on Instagram

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  1. Andrea Zambrano March 27, 2019

    Joy ! Thank you so much for this mention ! For sure we have some trendy /Coachella styles to take to the fest !

  2. Isabel March 27, 2019

    I loveeee this thank you Joy for including us on this amazing list .

  3. Breana March 29, 2019

    it’s a lifestyle #shoplatinx

  4. Kokoa J White April 24, 2019

    This is my first time hearing about Coachella festival.


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