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Nicki Minaj Announces Retirement via Twitter

Milan Italy, 21 June 2012 , Live concert of Nicki Minaj at the Alcatraz: The singer Nicki Minaj during the concert - Image

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to announce her retirement on Thursday, saying she wants to set music aside to spend time with family. The “Superbass” singer thanked her fans for being her support base over the course of her career and knows that they are “happy now.”

“Love you for LIFE!” she concludes in her Tweet.

Celebrities and fans are shocked and confused as the news seemed to spring out of nowhere. When TMZ reached out to DJ Paul for commentary, his response was, “I don’t want her to do it, man… She’s like the Jim Carrey of hip hop… Maybe she just woke up on the wrong side of bed.”

Others took their disappoints to Twitter in hopes of getting Nicki to change her mind:

Nicki deleted her original tweet announcing her retirement before she sent out another one to apologize for its abruptness:

Her PR team has yet to confirm this sudden announcement. But until then, looks like she’s set on leaving the music industry with a “Bang Bang.”

Vivian Wang

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