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Latinx Heritage Month Feature: Kamille Figueroa

Kamille Figueroa doing makeup on model

“Being a makeup artist is being able to make someone feel confident, to love themselves, to be happy.”

Those are the words of makeup artists Kamille Figueroa, who shares her journey to confidence through makeup and beauty in this LHM feature. We are inspired and touched by Figueroa’s story. To learn more, read the full interview below.

Image courtesy of Kamille Figueroa

How did you get into the industry? Is it a lot of hard work? 

I got into the industry three years ago. I started working at Sephora as a cashier. Later, I was offered to work on the sales floor. The managers at the store recognized my potential and decided they wanted me to keep developing my skills to become one of their makeup artists. I had my moments where I doubted myself. Despite the negative atmosphere we currently live in, I’ve been blessed to have people around me that support me and help me achieve my goal of being a Latinx makeup artist.

What does it mean to be Latinx in this industry?

Being Latinx in this industry means representing the women who inspire me to be the person I am today. It means overcoming objections and utilizing every opportunity to become a better makeup artist. Being Latinx means fighting for what you want to achieve in life, but at the same time be willing to help others along the way.

What’s something about yourself you’re most proud of?

One of the things that I’m most proud of is the confidence I have gained by becoming a makeup artist. I’ve been more confident about who I am as a person and what I can offer. I struggle with depression and anxiety. Everyday is a struggle to accept myself for who I am and overcome my thoughts and insecurities. Becoming a makeup artist has provided me the opportunity to overcome my insecurities and provide happiness to others.

Image courtesy of Kamille Figueroa

Who helped you get where you are today? Inspirations, role model, parents etc.

I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing people who support me. My mom, who is my biggest fan and best friend, always told me to do what make me happy and has supported me with my goals. Also, my fiancé. He’s been my rock these past three years and has helped me in so many ways. Words cant even explain how lucky am I to have a person in my life that helps me anyway he can, despite not knowing a single thing about makeup. I’m blessed to have him in my life.

What do you hope to see more in your industry?

I hope to see more genuine and diverse people. I want to see people who love makeup and are willing to teach others how to achieve the look they want. Makeup is more than just posting a picture on your social media. Being a makeup artist is being able to make someone feel confident, to love themselves, to be happy. Makeup has brought me happiness. My goal is to share my happiness with others.

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