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What’s In Yo Basket? Picnic Protips

friends on beach at dusk having a picnic

July is #NationalPicnicMonth so grab some friends and head out for an eating adventure! The word “picnic” might make you think of a checkered blanket, brown basket, and boring sandwiches. Fuck that. Your picnic should be fun, interesting, and delicious. Here’s some ideas to make your picnic adventure fun.

Where Am I Going?

Ain’t no one got no damn meadow to sit in under the Giving Tree. Hit up Google Maps, slap the satellite button, and see what’s around you. Find an interesting spot in the foothills, a secluded beach, or some tiny lake that no one knows about and make a plan to go there. Stuck in the city? See how far the train goes and if it might take you away from all the concrete.

What Am I Packing?

  • Stay comfy by packing wisely. The more people you have the easier this can be. If you only have a few, don’t overload yourselves, because that is the first step to being uncomfortable.
  • Keep your butts happy with good seating. This can be anything from a thick blanket to camping chairs to an inflatable couch. Think about the location, what would work best there, and what you can carry.
  • Sterno cans are small, light, and can heat up your food. Throw in a couple of these and a lighter to keep soup hot, cheese grilled, and bacon fried.
  • Pack layers so you don’t have to bail on the good times if it gets cold.
  • Bring some card games, a soccer ball, musical instruments, or other things to do with your friends. “We’re just gonna drink” is not an activity. Bring actual things to do.
  • Are you a raccoon? Can you see in the dark? No? Ok, then pack some small lighting. These inflatable solar powered lights are the shit. Pack ’em flat and blow ’em up for some great evening light.
  • Trash bags, trash bags, and trash bags. We love our natural spaces and hate littering, right? Cool. Pack a few trash bags and make cleanup easy. One for garbage and one for recycling.

What Am I Eating?

  • Like I said, it doesn’t have to be some boring ass ham and cheese, soggy-mayo-bread-type thing. Make what you like!
  • For things that are better made fresh, just pack the ingredients separately in reusable containers. Build your food when you get there.
  • The fewer dishes, the better, so think handheld food first. You can do tacos by packing everything separately and heating it up there. You can do burgers the same way.
  • Make things like noodle salads or esquites ahead of time and throw it in one container.
  • Needs to be hot? Pack a small pot and use those Sterno cans you have in your bag.
  • Need to stay cold? Carry it with reusable ice packs in a small cooler or fridge bag.
  • Drinks are a great idea, but shy away from glass. One, it breaks, and two, it’s heavy to carry out. We wanna be comfy, remember? Most mixers come in cans these days so get those instead.

See how easy it is to make your picnic adventure fun? Pack for comfort, make the food that you like, and add in the little touches that make the day more enjoyable. Hit us up below with your favorite foods and protips!


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