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Latinx Heritage Month Feature: Lizbeth Diaz

Lizbeth Diaz sampling icecream

Meet Lizbeth Diaz, a foodie Instagrammer who covers everything from high-end restaurants to small local eateries. In our interview with her for Latinx Heritage Month, her passion for food and love for her Mexican heritage is evident, as is her pride in the accomplishments she has achieved since using social media to connect people over food. We are excited to share her story with you!

How did you get into the industry? Is it a lot of hard work? 

I started food blogging on Instagram last year. I began posting new foods from different restaurants all across  Dallas on my Facebook and Snapchat, because I always had friends and family who would ask where I was eating at. I decided to document my visits on Instagram without any prior knowledge about the foodie industry.

I was immediately hooked on the whole process: taking photos of the foods, concentrating on the angles, the lighting, the food setup, and searching for new restaurants to check out. I would try everything from high end places to hole-in-the wall restaurants. I mostly love trying local foods to support my surrounding community. I find that smaller restaurants benefit better from social media because business would be different without it.

Was it a lot of hard work? Not at all, something you love to do comes naturally and so easy. I simply love doing this.

What does it mean to be Latinx in this industry? 

It is actually a great privilege! Both of my parents are from Mexico. My mother is a Mexico City native and loves eating pambazos. My father, on the other hand, is from Guanajuato and loves enchiladas mineras. Pambazos and enchiladas mineras are both some of my favorites as well, and I love introducing them to others, especially those who aren’t familiar with Mexican cuisine.

What’s something about yourself you’re most proud of? 

I am most proud of how much I have been getting out of my shell. I usually consider myself very anti-social and often keep to myself. But getting into this foodie industry has helped me meet many great people, create friendships, and build professional connections. Joining and saying, “Yes I’ll be there” to special foodie events has surprised my family and myself. It has been a great experience so far, and I hope to meet and connect with more great foodies along the way.

Who helped you get where you are today? Inspirations.. role models… parents etc. 

Growing up, I watched my father cook, bake, and grill quite often. Back in Guanajuato, he started working at a panaderia was he was just a young kid. There, he learned how to bake pan dulce, which we all love to eat. He also knows how to make bollilos, conchas, orejas, puerquitos, empanadas, and more. He is known as “El Panadero” in our family. Our family also can’t get enough of his tacos de Pastor and BBQ. I admire his special talents, and I hope to keep learning his special ways of baking and cooking to pass on his legacy.

What do you hope to see more in your industry? 

I hope to see more Latinxs join in the Instagram foodie industry. I want to see us eat, enjoy, share and unite with different foods with different people. I want more people supporting and eating in our community and local restaurants. There is no love more sincere than the love of great food. 

Vivian Wang

Vivian is a travel enthusiast and food connoisseur living in New York City. Her curiosity and passion for languages and culture has taken her across eight countries over the past year. When not working, you can find her meandering in art museums or sampling food at the street markets.

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