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7 Delicious Cocktails To Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

Christmas cocktails with cinnamon stick

Let’s face it – the Holidays can be…well…stressful. This stress can stem from all sorts of things such as gift shopping, party planning, or maybe having to listen to your racist uncle talk about how important border security is for the 2nd hour in a row. If there is anything we all deserve this time of the year, it’s a cocktail.

And what’s better than one cocktail? Well, seven of them. 7 holiday THEMED cocktails. Check out this video of 7 delicious and easy seasonal drinks to help give yourself some good old-fashioned holiday cheer. You deserve it.

Peppermint White Russian
The Golden Apple
Cranberry Ornament
The Tipsy Gingerbread
Blackberry Sparkler
The Grinch
Winter Wonderland


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