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Let’s Talk About Colorism In the Latinx Community

Given that the global market for skin lightening is estimated to reach over 8,895 million dollars by 2024, and the strong possibility of suffering from mercury poisoning after using skin lightening products, we need to talk about colorism. Light-skinned privilege or colorism, it is the reason why many people turn to skin lighters or skin bleaching. Colorism is giving favorable treatment to lighter-skinned people over darker-skinned people based on the color and sometimes the shade of their skin. And why it might seem frivolous or out of the mind’s eye to some, keep in mind that this practice goes beyond the societal standards of who is beautiful.

For example, in 2016, Brazil Carnaval Queen, Nayara Justino was dethroned for “being too black.” Colorism is rooted in a history of oppression in Latin America and today still impacts the day-to-day lives of many and darker-skinned Latinx people from opportunities, jobs, relationships, and social mobility. 


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