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East Brunswick, NJ - March 3, 2018: dead deer on side of road; cars pass roadkill on highway. - Image
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in press meeting
Abolish Ice sign during protest
Immigrants awaiting citizenship
LGBTQ people smiling with flag
SNL Town Hall Parody
Migrant train from Mexico
Metro in Santiago
Bus on fire
Immigrations Make America Great poster
LAS VEGAS, NV, Dec 15, 2015, Empty Podiums at the CNN Republican presidential debate at The Venetian Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV - Image
New York, NY - January 19, 2019: US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks during Women's Unity Rally at Foley Square as hundreds of people attend - Image
LAS VEGAS, NV - OCTOBER 13 2015: (L-R) Democratic presidential debate features candidate U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at Wynn Las Vegas in first CNN Democratic Debate. - Image
Democratic debate watch party at the abbey in West Hollywood California June 26, 2019. Senator Elizabeth Warren on the TV screens debating. Election 2020 - Image
Protestors holding signs for climate change
Jessica Hoppe, writer and contributor.
Berta Cáceres
vSelena Gomez and undocumented immigrants discuss the painful realities of immigration in the US.
May 01, 2006; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Two Mexican children wave American flags during an immigrant in Los Angeles, California. During 'A Day Without an Immigrant' . - Image
Clint, Texas / USA - 29 June 2019 Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility in Clint, Texas, where migrant children are beng held. - Image
Kevin McAleenan
End white supremacy sign
Quito, Ecuador - August 27, 2015: Man wearing denim jacket and face covered standing in front of police shields protesting. - Image
Immigrations Make America Great poster