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Protestors holding signs for climate change
Immigrations Make America Great poster
People holding vote signs at rally.
children playing
Your Vote Matters sign
Families Belong Together poster
Stunning desert sight of Lukachukai valley, a Navajo land in Apache County, Arizona, USA, with many hills and shrubs, red sand and stones and a cloudy sky - Image
New York City - July 12, 2019: People taking part in the "Lights4Liberty" protests against President Trump's planned ICE raids against immigrants and the detention centers along the southern border. - Image
New York City, USA - June 13, 2016: Memorial outside the landmark Stonewall Inn for the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando in 2016 in New York City. - Image
WASHINGTON, DC - March 24, 2018: "Am I next?" reads a sign at the March for Our Lives DC, part of a nationwide protest against gun violence in wake of numerous deadly school shootings. - Image